CARE Commission

Study of Integrated Living Learning Programs




The National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education (CARE) asked us to develop a digital presence for their organization.  From Logo design to Web Space, we designed a presence that would reach and engage their very broad and diverse audience.  They’re main request was to have a space where students, practitioners, academics and policy makers could come and find resources and participate in the conversation about Asian American and Pacific Islander causes in the academic sphere. CONTINUE TO SITE >>•Web Design•Logo Design•Web Animation


The Study of Integrated Living Learning Programs (SILLP) from NYU needed a digital presence and brand identity.  Working together with their team, we designed an interactive online space and launch pad for their audience to participate in an online survey.  Utilizing web animation, infographics and social media strategy, we developed a website their community could come to for information and support.  We have developed the site with the intention to grow and continue to change over time as the needs of the project change throughout the different phases of the study. CONTINUE TO SITE >>• Web Design• Web Animation• Infographics

The UndocuScholars Project from UCLA, needed a space where their target Audience (18 – 29 year old undocumented, undergraduate students) could find information about the study, connect with other community members and take an online survey about their experience.   This project utilized Chpt1’s expertise in a 360egree spectrum; web/graphic/video design and CONTINUE TO SITE >>• Digital Media Strategy• Web Design• Web Video• Info-graphics• Social Media Strategy










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